Lucky 7: The Frozen Rabbi

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Sometime during his restless fifteenth year, Bernie Karp discovered in his parents’ food freezer — a white-enameled Kelvinator humming in its corner of the basement rumpus room — an old man frozen in a block of…


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Algonquin Authors Pick Their Favorite Summer Reads: Part 2

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This summer I’m revisiting Sinclair Lewis, whom despite being the first American writer awarded the Nobel, along with the first to refuse the Pulitzer, seems to have fallen out of vogue in recent decades, but…


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The Frozen Rabbi by Steve Stern Publication Day

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When I was five, I developed a morbid fascination with the chicken fillets in my grandmother’s freezer. I was absolutely sure that they were the remains of her late, misanthropic cat Griffer. I was denied…


July 22, 2010

This Summer’s Hottest Frozen Treat!

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“Extraordinary.”–The New York Times Book Review
“Page after page, Stern embraces every outrageous possibility, in lush, cartwheeling sentences that layer deep mystery atop page-turning action atop Borscht Belt humor.”—Washington Post
“A funny, profound and virtuosic…


July 7, 2010

The Frozen Giveaway

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July 6, 2010

The N.Y. Times Loves…

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The New York Times Book Review has only good things to say about Algonquin reads!

The Frozen Rabbi by Steve Stern
The July 3rd issue of The New York Times Book Review gave a full…


May 11, 2010

Author Q&A: Steve Stern

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This week from Algonquin: Steve Stern‘s newest novel, The Frozen Rabbi. Stern has been writing for over twenty-five years, earning high praise for his Yiddish-folklore-inspired novels, short-story collections, and children’s books. He’s won the O.…


May 11, 2010

There’s a rabbi in the freezer…

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In anticipation of today’s excerpt from Steve Stern‘s The Frozen Rabbi, I sat down with a copy of the book last night, intending to maybe read the first chapter, feel out Stern’s prose, and fall…