These Boots Were Made for Reading, Part I

A while back, we noticed a few of our authors share a common interest — beyond writing, that is. They love their cowboy boots, especially when they’re out on the dusty book-tour trail. We asked these cowboy-boot-loving authors to share their soles, as it were. Today, Michael Parker explains that there’s no fooling around when it comes to his boots. 

parker boots flip


“Two out of these three pairs of boots I bought at Johnson Feed and Western Wear in Alpine, Texas.  I know of no better place to buy a pair of boots than Johnson Feed in Alpine.  First of all, you have to drive nearly to Mexico to get there.  It’s one of my favorite spots on earth, Alpine, and the people who work in the store will tell you straight up if you can pull off the boots or if they make you look a fool.  I don’t mind wearing foolish shirts or even jeans, but when it comes to boots, I don’t fool around.”

You can see Michael and at least one pair of cowboy boots at these upcoming events for his brand-new book, All I Have in This World — much of which takes place in Texas, as it happens.


parker holding boots

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