The FictionFinder Quiz from Just the Right Book!

Today one of our favorite booksellers, Roxanne Coady from RJ Julia, tells us about the amazing FictionFinder Quiz from Just the Right Book. Seriously, you have to try this. The recommendations that popped up for were uncannily accurate–two books I had been meaning to read, and a third book that I hadn’t heard of but which was right up my alley. Give it a try!

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Summer is usually a time for vacations, but at Just the Right Book! we were hard at work developing a fun and easy way for readers to access expert advice and find just the right book for that afternoon lounging in a hammock or curling up with on a chilly late-summer night.

We know you don’t always have time to run into your favorite bookstore for a great recommendation and may even feel a bit overwhelmed by the number of new books that you could read, so we created the FictionFinder Quiz to help you find just the right book for any mood.

Our network of book experts pore over new and under-the-radar books, then we draw on our combined century of bookselling experience to thoroughly code each one (a system we like to call the “human algorithm,” one designed and constantly tweaked by a roundtable of experts rather than the general masses or a blind formula) to be sure the titles connect with specific moods, tastes, likes, and dislikes. 

Take the fun and quick 10-question quiz and get 3 personalized reading recommendations. Because the books are relatively new or just released, and come from micro-presses, the biggest publishing houses, and everything in between, the suggestions are ahead of the curve and the masses. (And, of course, the recommendations include a gem or two from Algonquin’s lineup!)

Try theJust the Right Book FictionFinder Quiz. Let us introduce you to your next favorite read!

– Roxanne Coady, Founder of Just the Right Book! and RJ Julia Booksellers

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September 1, 2011
1:07 am
Dee says...

This book sounds really a good way to find the right book to read save time than doing searching or going to the bookstore walking around to find the right one…

September 1, 2011
2:55 pm
Patty Franz says...

The books that “Just the Right Book” picked for me are fine. However, as a public librarian, I am a bit biased. I think the personal interaction at a good Readers’ Advisory(RA) Desk has it all over a computerized survey.

I know not all libraries can afford to offer RA services and that sometimes we don’t fulfill our patrons’ wishes. However, I prefer face to face conversation about books. This will be popular and that if okay too.

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