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Bobcat photoRebecca Lee’s writing in her stunning collection, Bobcat and Other Stories, has been bringing reading joy to the world this year. From the New York Times Book Review: “The collection has so many good passages – whole paragraphs that move into pages with never a misstep – that any linguaphile could spend a great afternoon in a little spasm of dazzle.”

Now you can share this joy with your friends thanks to our friends at Madras Press, who sent us 24 of their beautiful chapbooks of the titular “Bobcat” story. And you can enter for a chance to win two chapbooks — one for you and one for you to share! They’re the perfect size to fill a Christmas stocking.

And while we’re on the subject of of Bekki’s writing gift, take a moment to read her blog post for The Story Prize. She examines the difficulty of writing a love story — especially one assigned to her by Francis Ford Coppola: “Every life ends, and everything runs toward its end, but in the meantime, how much happiness can be withstood?”

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December 14, 2013
12:29 am
Ellen Bernstein says...

I have already read Bobcat -twice- and would very much welcome the opportunity to pass on Rebecca Lee’s work to other admirers of genius. Kudos to Algonquin for publishing her. The stories are amazing and were recommended to me by a friend.

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