School Picture Day

The pencils are sharpened. The kids are back in school. And we’re wistful for the days of lunch pails and backpacks. So, we’ve unearthed our old school photos. Yes, those awkward shots of our elementary-school and tween years — the bangs you cut yourself, the braces you can’t smile with, the fashions you’ve long since forgotten. Here are four adorable and brave Algonquinites from back in the day — with more to come. Share your school photos with us on Facebook  and Twitter, too. No peer pressure. Come on… everyone’s doing it….











B.A. Shapiro                                                                                                              Anne Winslow

Author of The Art Forger                                                                                                Art Director











Kelly Bowen                                                                                                            Craig Popelars

Director of Publicity                                                                           Director of Marketing & Sales



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September 27, 2012
6:04 pm
B.A. Shapiro says...

I think I rank the highest on the dork meter. But I did dearly love the elephant my Aunt Sadie made for me…

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