Recently Published: The Nature Principle by Richard Louv

As we continue to learn more and more about climate change, our outlook on our environmental future seems to get more and more pessimistic.  When I envision the Earth in the future, I imagine a bleak and desolate wasteland. Author Richard Louv brings a fresh and hopeful vision of the future with The Nature Principle, suggesting that if we reconstruct environmentalism and sustainability, we can create a larger movement that will touch every part of society.

This New Nature Movement taps into the restorative powers of the natural world to boost mental acuity and creativity; promote health and wellness; build smarter and more sustainable businesses, communities, and economies; and ultimately strengthen human bonds. Supported by groundbreaking research, anecdotal evidence, and compelling personal stories, Louv offers renewed optimism while challenging us to rethink the way we live.

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Praise for The Nature Principle

“There is a great urgency to this work . . . This book makes utter sense and Louv is gentle with his simple agenda: more green in schools, more access to nature in communities, the importance of giving people the tools and the health they need to create a better world.” —Los Angeles Times

The Nature Principle tackles the ambitious task of mapping our way to a more connected future . . . Page after page we learn that in working to heal the world through restoration, we end up healing ourselves.” —Orion magazine

The Nature Principle manages to both teach and delight. Think of it as a refreshing hike for the mind and soul.” —

“Louv’s vital, inclusive, and inspiriting call to better our lives by celebrating and protecting the living world marks the way to profound personal and cultural transformation.” —Booklist, starred review

“This book provides a way back to where we belong, a world full of reverence, joy, and discovery.” —David Suzuki, author of The Sacred Balance

“Louv’s vision is not a rejection of technology or a back-to-the-land trend like the one that came out of the environmental movement 40 years ago. Instead, he wants to tap nature to boost our mental acuity, creativity and health. At its heart, the movement seeks to replace the apocalyptic vision that modern society has created….[ Louv] outlines this new nature movement, and its potential to improve the lives of all people no matter where they live, in his latest book, “The Nature Principle.’” — McClatchy Newspapers



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May 14, 2012
4:48 am
Miriam says...

I completely agree. I try to run ostuide most days so even if I’m stuck at my desk, I had my fix in the morning. I do notice my son’s teachers aren’t too adventurous when the weather is freezing or below and don’t take the kids out to recess. I with they would. We live in Virginia so how cold can it get?

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