Pub Day Party: Kicking the Sky and Sardine Pate

In honor of  Anthony De Sa’s new novel, Kicking the Sky, we’re throwing a little publication day party. And we’re serving up copies of Kicking the Sky and traditional Portugese sardine pate. Here’s the recipe for both: Follow the directions for the pate below and fill out the form below to enter for a chance to win a FREE copy of Kicking the Sky. All the ingredients for satisfying fare!

In Kicking the Sky, 12-year-old Antonio joins the neighborhood men in a pig slaughter. For Antonio, it marks a significant rite of passage into manhood, a way of proving himself to his father. This scene was based on the pig slaughters in Anthony De Sa’s own  Portuguese community.  Shortly after the slaughter, the old barn table would be scoured, covered in a large tablecloth and then filled with red wine in clay tumblers, wedges of corn bread and shallow dishes of sardine pate.

Here’s the recipe for sardine pate:


4 oz of   unsalted butter

1 tsp of tomato paste

1 tin of Portuguese sardines—the spicy ones packed in tomato sauce, if you can find them

a splash of whiskey or bourbon (you determine “splash”)

A pinch of ground pepper

A dash of hot sauce (Piri-Piri – if you can find it)

A tbsp. of chopped parsley


•Pulse the butter, tomato paste and sardines in a food processer to blend well.

•Sprinkle in the whiskey/bourbon, piri piri, pinch of pepper and salt, and blend until smooth.

•Fold in the parsley.

•You can serve right away with toasted fresh crusty bread.

•Refrigerate for up to a few days if you are not serving immediately, but take it out of the fridge well before you do serve. Heavenly with a bowl of olives and a glass of red wine, or vinho tinto, as they say in Portugal.


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3 Comments On This Post:

March 28, 2014
8:31 am
Teresa Draper says...

Me, me, me! I have to have this. I’m going to get it one way or another so just give it to me today so I can stop wanting it!

March 28, 2014
12:18 pm
Jennifer Essad says...

I’m intrigued having read the excerpt-when I was visiting friends in the late 70’s their neighbors where slaughtering a lamb – mind you this was in the northern suburbs of Detroit and I had no idea other cultures did this.

I’m anxious to read and will be visiting my local B&N this weekend

March 28, 2014
8:32 pm
Hira Hasnain says...

It is part of my culture…animal slaughter/sacrifice…and although my family and I have not continued with the tradition, we have seen it happen many times. I can totally relate…would ***LOVE*** to read this!!!!

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