Play Spin-The-Bottle with The Beatles

As we build up to the 50th anniversary of the Fab Four’s arrival in the United States, we’re taking this opportunity to reflect on the cultural significance of The Beatles and their long-lasting appeal each Friday, for what we’re calling Fab Fridays. And that begs one question:

With which Beatle would your inner teenager most have wanted to play Spin-the-Bottle?

Beatles spin the bottle 02 (2)
Penelope Rowlands of the upcoming book The Beatles Are Here! shares her dreamy Beatles pick:

“I was a real George fan back in my Beatlemaniac days — I couldn’t imagine what anyone would see in the other three.  But somehow I’ve evolved into a Paul girl.  What an amazing songwriter he was (and what a beauty!).”

Please tell us your choice in the comments below!


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