October Lucky Stars: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

October 14, 2014 • No Comments

This month for our October Lucky Stars, we present men, men like any other men, only moreso, to paraphrase a fictional man like Rick Blaine. Each of these e-books — just $1.99 apiece throughout the…


October 9, 2014 Roorbach_RemedyforLove_jkt_rgb_HC_HR updated

Dinner Is On The House with Bill Roorbach

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Because authors are basically paid to put words in the mouths of other (often non-existent) people, it seems perfectly reasonable that Bill Roorbach held an imaginary dinner party to celebrate his upcoming novel, The Remedy …


October 7, 2014 Raffin_BirdsofPandemonium_HC_jkt_rgb_HR updated

A Feather in Our Cap! The Birds of Pandemonium

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We’re all a-flutter for today’s official publication of The Birds of Pandemonium! With so much excitement for Michele Raffin’s book, it is quite a happy happy pub day. Indeed, Michele just finished an hour-long chat…


October 2, 2014 Roorbach_RemedyforLove_jkt_rgb_HC_HR updated

Big Week – Big, Huge – for The Remedy for Love

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When it rains, it pours. When it snows, it’s the Storm of the Century. And when the good news started coming in for Bill Roorbach’s The Remedy for Love this week, we got out our…


September 30, 2014 Hemingway_Bailey_Gin_Joints_rgb_LR

Happy Hours: Of All the Gin Joints Pub Day

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We waited as long as we could. We know it’s not happy hour yet. Heck, it’s not even tea time. But it is time to get the party started, time to celebrate publication day for…


September 25, 2014 Lin-Enger-at-desk-site

A Sense of Place: Writers at Work

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For many authors, where they write can make or break what they write. Today, Lin Enger, author of the historical novel The High Divide… (in book stores now—wink wink, nudge nudge) explains the (very small)


September 23, 2014 High Divide Jacket

Pub Day for The High Divide

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Today is a reading day. Well, every day is a reading day, but today just feels like a daylong, under-a-quilt, cup-of-tea-in-hand sort of reading retreat. Even if you can only carve out five minutes for…


September 18, 2014 pandemonium bird closeup

The Birds of Pandemonium: “Landlocked Ark”

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Step aboard the “landlocked ark in my backyard,” as Pandemonium Aviaries founder Michele Raffin describes her home/bird sanctuary in a video tour for The New York Times. Noah aside, Pandemonium is a remarkable symphony of…


September 12, 2014 Sherl_CuriousPeople_zoe_green_fulljacket

Excerpt from The Future for Curious People

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The Future for Curious People…
By Gregory Sherl
Home now. In front of the fourth floor walk-up I’ve been sharing with Madge for nearly six months. I raise my arms over my head. Coach


September 9, 2014 Alexander_FlirtingFrench_jk

Flirting with French Giveaway: Some Very Coy Phrases

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William Alexander has always wanted to be French. One petite problem: He can’t actually speak French. So, he immerses himself in the language, studies hard, travels to France, and discovers that  — voila! — he still…