Welcome, Julianne!

January 20, 2010 • No Comments

As Courtney and Christina move away from Algonquin to start on fresh new adventures, we’re excited to welcome new staff members to take over their roles. A warm welcome to Julianne Lowell, former Algonquin Publicity…


January 20, 2010

3-Book Giveaway Winner!

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Algonquin would like to congratulate Amy K. from Oakland, California for winning our nature-centric Book Booty giveaway! Amy took home three titles by Diana Wells to celebrate today’s release of Lives of Trees: An Uncommon…


January 15, 2010

Ask Dr. Bleedingheart

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Dear Dr. Bleedingheart,
Should I worry that crickets have decided to move into my basement this winter? Thankfully, they are rather polite tenants and respectful of quiet hours. Although generally nondestructive, they are eating the…


January 14, 2010


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Please welcome our new intern, Susannah Long, who is writing today about Jill McCorkle’s Going Away Shoes.

Jill McCorkle has me thinking about shoes. Not styles and prices and the long-term benefits of arch-support,…


January 14, 2010

Dance those winter blues away!

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Maria Finn’s new memoir Hold Me Tight and Tango Me Home will be in stores on February 9. Watch this wonderful video for her book, and find out more at her new website! Listen to…


January 11, 2010

Farewell, Christina!

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Publicist (and frequent blog contributor) Christina Gates recently decided to take on a brand new job with the website yelp.com. We wish her the best of luck in her new position, and we are certainly…


January 8, 2010

More Love for your Library: A 3-Book Giveaway!

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On January 19, Algonquin will publish Diana Wells‘ Lives of the Trees: An Uncommon History. An author interview with Michele Norris just aired yesterday on All Things Considered — check it out here!Wells is the…


January 6, 2010

Saying Goodbye to 2009

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What a year it’s been for Algonquin! Allow us to pat ourselves on the back when we say we had FIVE New York Times bestsellers in 2009.
If you haven’t checked ‘em out, what are…


January 5, 2010

New in Paperback!

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With almost the entire nation deep in this wintertime cold snap, today is the perfect on-sale date for the paperback edition of The New York Times bestseller A Reliable Wife, set in the bitter-cold winter…


January 4, 2010

Last Child in the Woods (of Pandora)

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James Cameron’s new blockbuster movie “Avatar” has been hailed by critics not only for its technological breakthroughs (and high price tag), but also for its moral lessons.
In a few recent interviews, James Cameron mentioned…