December Lucky Stars: Splendor of Our World

December 4, 2014 • 1 Comment

December temperatures might keep you trapped indoors, but this month’s Lucky Stars offer you the chance to reconnect with the outdoors from the warmth of your living room. Get the low-down of the oddly beautiful courtship of…


December 2, 2014 Fikry Paperback

Excited? Did Someone Say “Excited”?

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We’re excited. Booksellers are excited. Readers are excited. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of excitement. Whoa, Nelly, a heapin’ helping of excitement.
What’s all the excitement, you ask? Today’s the official publication day for…


November 20, 2014 Roorbach_GrandRapids (2)

The Remedy for Snow

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Do you suffer from Lake Effect Snow Syndrome? Do you have cabin fever from being stuck in your house behind a sixty-three-inch wall of snow? Are you trapped inside with nothing to read?
We’ve got…


November 18, 2014 Descent

Giveaway: Descent by Tim Johnston

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It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but we’re giving you a gift, the gift of buzz — all wrapped up with a pretty bow.
Excitement for Tim Johnston’s novel Descent is at a fever pitch. The…


November 14, 2014 Clarke_HappiestPeople_jkt_rgb_LR

Jacket Design: The Happiest People in the World

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Readers often wonder about the behind-the-scenes aspects of book publishing, and jacket design can seem especially mysterious. Today, Creative Director Anne Winslow explains the creative process behind the jacket for Brock Clarke’s  The Happiest People…


November 11, 2014 veterans day

Veterans Day Reads

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As we honor our military veterans today, here are some books that offer insight into the veteran experience, battles large and small:
1. Dirty Work by Larry Brown                     …


November 6, 2014 LuckyStars_1_72dpi.jpg

November Lucky Stars: Unforgettable and Wise

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Each of the November Lucky Stars books introduces us to women, real or imagined, on a journey of a lifetime. Travel into their unforgettable and wise worlds. Go first class with these e-books — for…


November 4, 2014 fikry voting badge (2)

VOTE TODAY! A.J. Fikry Approved This Message

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The good people at Goodreads culled the 275 million books added, rated and reviewed on their site this year and nominated the top tier of titles in 20 categories for their Goodreads Choice Awards. This…


October 30, 2014 rejected

Rejections, Part 2: Don’t Give Up

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No matter how you look at it, getting a rejection letter can take the wind out of your sails. It can be hard to keep going, or know what to do next. When it comes…


October 27, 2014 Hemingway_Bailey_Gin_Joints_rgb_LR

“Book” Your Seat for the Best Cocktail Party Ever

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Algonquin cordially invites you to our cocktail party to end all cocktail parties — spanning space, time, and chapters.
Time: Always, forever, now showing.
Where: Hollywood, The Golden Era.
The Hosts: Mark Bailey and Edward Hemingway…