The New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof on the Importance of Getting Outdoors

September 12, 2011 • No Comments

The New York Times‘ Nicholas Kristof is one of our favorite columnists. Each year he writes about his family’s backpacking vacation trips, reflecting on the importance of preserving our environment and experiencing nature. In all…


September 9, 2011 Beckerman_blog.jpg

Happy Grandparents’ Day!

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This Sunday is Grandparents’ Day, which means we all get a chance to show our grandparents how much we love them by mailing them hand-knitted sweater vests or taking them fly-fishing. If that’s not your…


September 8, 2011 the-future-of-lovejpg1.jpg

Giveaway: The Future of Love by Shirley Abbott

36 Comments September 8, 2011 • 36 Comments

To commemorate the tenth anniversary of September 11th, we’re offering our devoted fans a chance to win one of three copies of Shirley Abbott’s novel, The Future of Love. If you’d like to enter the…


September 7, 2011 laurie-hertzel-thumb1.jpg

Algonquin Talks with Laurie Hertzel, Minneapolis Star-Tribune Book Review Editor

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For our latest installment in the Algonquin Talks series, we hear from Laurie Hertzel, book editor for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and author of News to Me: Adventures of an Accidental Journalist.

Minneapolis is consistently voted…


September 2, 2011 curable-romantic-thumb1.jpg

Joseph Skibell, Guitarist Extraordinaire

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Joseph Skibell, author of A Curable Romantic, isn’t just a talented writer–he’s also a virtuoso guitarist.  He recently published an article in The Forward about his week-long seminar at the home of the acclaimed musician…


September 2, 2011 Why-I-Love-Books-3-Thumb1.jpg

Why I Love Books: August Roundup

2 Comments September 2, 2011 • 2 Comments

August gets a bad rap as the month of withering lawns, miserable heat, and end-of-summer ennui. An article published in Slate actually argued that it should be abolished from the year altogether. Before you start…


August 30, 2011 Just-the-Right-Book-thumb1.jpg

The FictionFinder Quiz from Just the Right Book!

2 Comments August 30, 2011 • 2 Comments

Today one of our favorite booksellers, Roxanne Coady from RJ Julia, tells us about the amazing FictionFinder Quiz from Just the Right Book. Seriously, you have to try this. The recommendations that popped up for…


August 29, 2011 lions-of-the-west-thumb.jpg

Sneak Peek: Lions of the West by Robert Morgan

28 Comments August 29, 2011 • 28 Comments

Today we have an early peek at Robert Morgan’s new saga of the Westward Expansion, Lions of the West, publishing October 18th. (See below for an excerpt.) Morgan is the author of the national bestsellers…


August 26, 2011 man-with-a-pan-thumb.jpg

At Home With Algonquin: Pretty Good Cake from Man with a Pan

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I was slightly nervous when I started this recipe, partly because my cake-baking expertise was limited to boxed mixes and partly because the last recipe I tried from John Donohue’s Man with a Pan (Spinach-Basil…


August 24, 2011 ONan.jpg

Algonquin Authors Pick Their Favorite Summer Reads: Part 2

2 Comments August 24, 2011 • 2 Comments

This summer I’m revisiting Sinclair Lewis, whom despite being the first American writer awarded the Nobel, along with the first to refuse the Pulitzer, seems to have fallen out of vogue in recent decades, but…