At Home with Algonquin: Fresh Tomato Tart from Seasoned in the South

July 7, 2011 • 3 Comments

I’ve always avoided turning on the oven in the summer. Growing up in an old house in the north meant that we didn’t have air conditioning through the warm Pennsylvania summers and the heat from…


July 6, 2011 martha-southgate-thumb.jpg

Sneak Peek: The Taste of Salt by Martha Southgate

50 Comments July 6, 2011 • 50 Comments

We’re thrilled to give you an early peek at Martha Southgate’s novel The Taste of Salt, arriving  in bookstores  on September 13th. Read some fantastic pre-pub blurbs below and don’t miss the excerpt at the…


June 30, 2011 The-Red-Market-Thumb1.jpg

What We’re Reading: The Red Market by Scott Carney

No Comments June 30, 2011 • No Comments

I’ve been on a weird reading kick lately.
When not reading manuscripts for work or new issues of Us Weekly (a top priority every Thursday evening), I’m usually immersed in a hot new fiction title.…


June 29, 2011 Why-I-Love-Books-3-Thumb.jpg

Why I Love Books: June Roundup

4 Comments June 29, 2011 • 4 Comments

June was named after the goddess Juno, a.k.a. Hera, wife of Jupiter/ Zues. Juno was the goddess of love and marital fidelity. Ever wonder why so many couples schedule June weddings? There you go. (The…


June 27, 2011 When-she-woke-thumb.jpg

Sneak Peek: When She Woke by Hillary Jordan

51 Comments June 27, 2011 • 51 Comments

We’re excited to give you an early look at Hillary Jordan’s novel When She Woke, landing in bookstores on October 4th. (Read an excerpt at the very bottom of this post.) It’s already garnered a…


June 24, 2011 big-man1.jpg

When The Big Man Joined The Bookshelf

1 Comment June 24, 2011 • 1 Comment

I’m sure that like me you have a bookshelf or two that’s dedicated to those very special books—literary treasures that stand out because they’re signed first editions, personal favorites, rare galleys, or sentimental works that…


June 23, 2011 The-Lacuna-thumb.jpg

Summer Reading List

70 Comments June 23, 2011 • 70 Comments

It’s no secret that we Algonkians are voracious readers. This summer, we’re excited to dive into a wide variety of books, from the eclectic (The Decameron, Emily Post’s Etiquette, Yakuza Moon) to the wildly popular…


June 22, 2011 ratatouille-thumb.jpg

For the Love of Veggies: Algonquin Cooks with Donia Bijan’s Maman’s Homesick Pie

3 Comments June 22, 2011 • 3 Comments

I am an unashamed lover of vegetables. When I decided to become a vegetarian at the age of 12, I spent the first couple of years subsisting on bread, oatmeal, apples … and bread. But…


June 21, 2011 tayari-thumb-2.jpg

On Writing: Alexander Chee and Tayari Jones

6 Comments June 21, 2011 • 6 Comments

Alexander Chee, the author of Edinburgh, talks with Tayari Jones about her new novel Silver Sparrow.
I first met Tayari Jones at the MacDowell Colony in 2007. It was summer, and I was there…


June 16, 2011 Lee-Smith-TN.jpg

Lee Smith, Master Storyteller

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For the launch of the paperback release of Mrs. Darcy and the Blue-Eyed Stranger, author Lee Smith did a series of book events around North Carolina at our favorite local indie bookstores – Flyleaf Books…