Author Q&A: Meet Heidi Pitlor

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March 25, 2015 Grimsley_ShedMySkin_jkt_HC_rgb_LR

Why I Wrote It: A Note from Jim Grimsley

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Jim Grimsley  on his new book, How I Shed My Skin: Unlearning the Lessons of a Racist Childhood, which will be published on April 14.
I have been watching episodes of Dragnet, the TV series…


March 24, 2015 Wisdom of Perversity

Giveaway Wednesday: The Wisdom of Perversity

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On publication day Tuesday, actor and author David Duchovny tweeted that Rafael Yglesias “is a gifted & unblinking storyteller. Such hard unsparing truths in a difficult yet necessary story.”
We could not agree more.


March 23, 2015 National Puppy Day jpeg

Tales for National Puppy Day

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We are celebrating National Puppy Day the only way we know how – with books. Chelan has these tales for her To Be Read list, and they’re sure to have her (and your) tail wagging.…


March 19, 2015 gabrielle at workman

Meet Our New York City family

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Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill was born, bred and remains right at home here in North Carolina amid rolling hills, vibrant literary culture and barbecue aplenty (oh, and the best college basketball around). But we…


March 12, 2015 onthehouse

Our Editors’ Advice on Creating Narrative Tension

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There are stories that you can’t put down, and there are those that you can’t wait to put down. The difference? Often, it comes down to tension. What’s pulling the readers through, hurtling them headlong…


March 5, 2015 LuckyStars_1_72dpi.jpg

March Lucky Stars: Southern Voices

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Southern voices and Southern sun — two reasons to smile. Well, at least we’ve still have those wonderful Southern writers to keep us warm until the sun returns. (Where, oh, where, has it gone?) Our…


February 27, 2015 Wisdom of Perversity

Rafael Yglesias on Writing The Wisdom of Perversity

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Rafael Yglesias’ new novel, The Wisdom of Perversity, will be published March 24.
Perhaps I shouldn’t admit to a prospective reader that I wrote the first draft of The Wisdom of Perversity in 1998, that…


February 26, 2015 Orhan4_pg2-HCjkt.indd

Giveaway: Orhan’s Inheritance Broadside

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Aline Ohanesian’s debut novel is one to remember. Moving back and forth in time, between the last years of the Ottoman Empire and the 1990s, Orhan’s Inheritance is a story of passionate love, unspeakable horrors, incredible resilience,…


February 26, 2015 that-should-be-a-word-site

Giveaway: That Should Be a Word

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That Should Be a Word comes out in April from our Workman Publishing cousins, but now’s your opportunity to enter for a chance to win a copy before it’s even published. (Wait, there should be…