Publication Day: Kitty Cornered by Bob Tarte

April 10, 2012 • No Comments

Most cat lovers admit to having complicated feline friends. By “complicated,” I mean that your favorite pet manages to rearrange your life to run around his precise schedule (most active at 2 am), his particular…


April 9, 2012 lucky-7-thumbnail.jpg

Lucky 7: Armchair Travel

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Armchair Travel
Spring is here, and there’s no better time to dream about escaping to far off destinations. Paris, Venice, Buenos Aires, Hawaii—the world is your oyster, and these seven armchair travel titles are ready…


April 6, 2012

Recently Published: Pocket Kings by Ted Heller

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You don’t have to play, or even understand, poker in order to love Ted Heller‘s third novel, Pocket Kings.  In this dead-on satire of online obsessions, a novelist with writer’s block finds a new–and very…


April 4, 2012 hunger-games-thumbnail1.jpg

The Hunger Games: battle of the book v. the movie

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It takes a special type of person to attend a midnight premiere of anything. Being on the same sleep schedule as my fifteen-year-old cat (and possessing the same general level of excitement about life) I am not…


April 3, 2012 olmstead-thumbnail1.jpg

Publication Day: The Coldest Night by Robert Olmstead

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Robert Olmstead is the author of the national bestseller Coal Black Horse and Far Bright Star, which won the Western Writers of America Spur Award. An amazing writer whose work has been compared to Cormac…


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Happy Half-Birthday Megan!

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Or, These Are A Few of My Favorite Things, The Lit Mag Edition!
(Plus, An Awesome Giveaway. Who Doesn’t Love a Giveaway?!)
Happy spring, all! Or better yet, happy half-birthday to me! I promise I’m…


March 29, 2012 poetry-roundup-march-thumbnail.jpg

March Poetry Roundup

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Lauren and Megan are back with more poetry recommendations, this time highlighting books with a connection to the Midwest. We’ve had this region on our minds for some reason. Enjoy!
Natural Selections
Joseph Campana
(recommended by Lauren…


March 28, 2012 michael-thumbnail.jpg

We’ll Miss You Michael!

11 Comments March 28, 2012 • 11 Comments

Because Michael has been such an important element in the success of all the books I’ve edited since I came to Algonquin eight years ago, the individual moments of his genius at work blur into one big…


March 26, 2012 thumbnail-booksellers.jpg

Booksellers Rock! Steven Salardino, Skylight Books

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Name: Steven Salardino
Bookstore: Skylight Books
Title: Manager
Brief Bio: Southern California boy, junior high school heavy metal kid turned long hair punk. Educated by Doonesbury comics, Steve Martin LPs, and Woody Allen movies. Skateboarding to the used…


March 22, 2012 The-Fallback-Plan2-320x389.jpg

The Return to the Nest Syndrome

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Growing up is terrifying. No one told me when I was a wee young thing that once I hit 21, gone would be the days of sleeping past noon, purchasing frivolous items at the local…