In Swindlers We Trust: The Greatest Con Men You’ve Never Heard Of

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Bernie Madoff’s name is synonymous with swindle. Boston con man Charles Ponzi is infamous for the Ponzi scheme. But there are plenty of lesser-known con men who were as successful and audacious, if not quite…


May 15, 2015 kurt-pickens

#TwitterFiction with Jonathan Evison

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We spent a good portion of this week following the adventures of Kurt Pickens of Owingsville, Kentucky, on his Alaskan cruise. Oh, that buffet! It was a lovely midday vacay as we set sail with…


May 12, 2015 high-divide-for-site

Giveaway: The High Divide Paperback

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Happy paperback publication day for The High Divide! Enter for a chance to win a paperback copy of Lin Enger’s beautifully written novel. Isn’t it time to remind yourself of the reasons you read?


May 6, 2015 pumpkin spice latte

Fall into Our Fiction

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The Fall of Princes by Robert Goolrick: New York City. The 1980s. Young men, princes all. Too much money. Too much freedom. They thought it would never end.
In The Fall of Princes, bestselling author…


April 29, 2015 indie bookstore day 2

Bookmarking Indie Bookstore Day

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In honor of Indie Bookstore Day on Saturday, our own Craig Popelars — Algonquin’s director of sales and marketing and the best friend a bookstore could ever have — reminisces about his local childhood bookstore and…


April 28, 2015 Find the Good

Jump on #findthegood bandwagon

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The bad stuff will always be there. There is death and loss. That’s how life rolls. And we know this.
But there’s a lot more good to the bad than we allow ourselves to see…


April 23, 2015 last-child-cover-2015-site

Last Child in the Woods National Park Pass Sweepstakes

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Chances are you’re reading this on some sort of mobile digital device, right? Well, then, with mobile device in hand, take a few steps toward the door and GO OUTSIDE! You remember outside, right?


April 23, 2015 Empire of Deception

Happy Sant Jordi Day: Empire of Deception Giveaway

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In honor of  World Book Day, we’re embracing the Catalan tradition of Sant Jordi Day — sweethearts exchange books and roses on April 23 — but with our own twist. We’re giving books to YOU! Six lucky…


April 21, 2015 The Miracle Girl

Excerpt from The Miracle Girl

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Today is publication day for Andrew Roe’s novel, The Miracle Girl. A car accident has left young Anabelle Vincent in a coma-like state-unable to move or speak. Then, a visiting friend experiences what seems like…


April 14, 2015 How I Shed My Skin

Starting a Conversation about Race

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Chances are you found this blog post through a tweet or a Facebook post or Tumblr post or some other wondrous social medium. Social media is everywhere and everything. It has expanded our national conversation…