Algonquin Talks: Deirdre Donahue

July 25, 2012 • 4 Comments

We talked with USA TODAY book reviewer Deirdre Donahue about reading, writing, authors, books, 50 Shades of Grey, ABBA and so much more…
1. How long have you been working at USA TODAY?
26 years…


July 24, 2012 maine-woods.jpg

Lucky 7: Settled in the Wild

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“I live on land that has not surrendered the last of its wildness…It keeps secrets, and those secrets prompt us to pay attention, to look for more…” – Susan Hand Shetterly

Today we take a closer…


July 23, 2012 Roorbach_Giants_TNblog.jpg

Giveaway Monday: Life Among Giants

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Every Monday in July, we’re giving away FREE advance copies of our amazing fall lineup.
Life Among Giants
by Bill Roorbach
*Chosen for Amazon’s Big Fall Fiction list
A note from Senior Editor Kathy…


July 20, 2012 fall-raking.jpg

Raking in First Lines of Fall 2012 Quiz

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Here are the answers to our First Lines of Fall 2012 Quiz (below). Did you match the right line with the right book? Those who did will be eligible to win free advance copies of…


July 19, 2012 1977-Shaun-Cassidy1.jpg

Let’s Do the SummerTime Warp Again (again)

2 Comments July 19, 2012 • 2 Comments

It’s Week No. 2 of our summer tribute to summertime memories of summer. We’re spending five glorious weeks paying tribute to the books, movies, television shows, and songs that made summer special. Yes, we’re living…


July 18, 2012 fall-leaves.jpg

First Lines of Fall 2012

1 Comment July 18, 2012 • 1 Comment

Leaves are far from changing color, but it’s already Fall 2012 quiz time at the Algonquin Books Blog! Match these opening lines from six of our new Fall 2012 books with the correct book title,…


July 17, 2012 tree-drawing1.jpg

People, People Who Need Trees, are the Lucky 7-est People in the World

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If you’re lucky enough to be near a window right now, go look out it. (If you’re lucky enough to be outside as you’re reading this, then just look around you — and also know…


July 16, 2012 Wolf_Comet_jkt_LR.jpg

Giveaway Monday: Comet’s Tale

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Every Monday in July, we’re giving away FREE advance copies of our amazing fall lineup.
Comet’s Tale
How the Dog I Rescued Saved My Life
by Steven D. Wolf
A note from Amy Gash,…


July 13, 2012 book-stack.jpg

Open the Book: We Bring Browsing to You

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The first page is what gets you. You cautiously open the book, careful not to crack the spine — not yet — and you glance at the first page. Chapter One. Maybe the Introduction. You’re…


July 11, 2012 Friedman_Aleppo_jkt_LR1.jpg

Aleppo Codex: The Book that Meant Everything

2 Comments July 11, 2012 • 2 Comments

In an age when the importance of physical books is debated, here is a thrilling story about a book that meant everything.
A thousand years ago, the most perfect copy of the Hebrew Bible was…