Comet’s Tale online

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Comet’s Tale: How the Dog I Rescued Saved My Life has gone online and off the leash with a gorgeous new website. Check out www.CometsTale.com for a moving video about Comet when she won Nebraska…


October 8, 2012 Wolf_Comet_TNblog.jpg

Publication Day: Comet’s Tale giveaway

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To celebrate today’s publication of Comet’s Tale, we’re extending our giveaway for one more day. Fill our the form below for your chance to win a copy of
Comet’s Tale:
How the Dog I Rescued…


October 5, 2012 Rocking-Chair-Beach-at-Galle-Road1.jpg

Red Rocking Chair Read: The Beach at Galle Road

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What will you be reading this weekend? Our new editorial intern, Katharine, is diving into The Beach at Galle Road by Joanna Luloff.
Watch this review of The Beach at Galle Road — and Comet’s…


October 4, 2012 Jill_School1.jpg

Back to School Picture Day

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Let’s go back to school — again — for school picture day. Today’s batch of adorable elementary-school-days photos will have you wistful for your Brownie uniform and haircut with bangs. (Remember, think twice before you…


October 3, 2012 lucky74.png

Lucky 7 for October: All McCorkle, All Month

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All McCorkle, All Month
Certain writers have helped define Algonquin Books. Jill McCorkle is one of those writers. Her writing’s combination of wit and weight has shaped Algonquin since the publication of her first two…


October 2, 2012 aftermirth1.jpg

Letter of the Day: E — for e-short “Aftermirth”

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A funny thing happened today: Algonquin published its first e-short story, the dark comedy “Aftermirth” by Hillary Jordan. We’re elated about the e-publication of this entertaining, enthralling, electrifying (so to speak) tale of emotion.


October 1, 2012 Luloff_Beach_TNblog.jpg

Giveaway Monday: The Beach at Galle Road

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In celebration of this accomplished debut collection’s publication tomorrow, Giveaway Monday is your chance to win a copy of …
The Beach at Galle Road
by Joanna Luloff
Here’s what reviewers and early readers have…


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Red Rocking Chair Read: Last Bite of Lucky 7

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As September winds down, we finish up our seven-course meal of tasty e-books for just $1.99 with this month’s Food, Glorious Food Lucky 7 e-books. So, settle into our Red Rocking Chair with your e-reader…


September 25, 2012 CraigPoplars_school.jpg

School Picture Day

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The pencils are sharpened. The kids are back in school. And we’re wistful for the days of lunch pails and backpacks. So, we’ve unearthed our old school photos. Yes, those awkward shots of our elementary-school…


September 25, 2012 bread-crust-1.jpg

Lucky 7: 52 Loaves

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“The perfect loaf was not something I was going to create; it was something that I was going to find. It was already there, waiting to be discovered or baked, but I had to elevate…