Books to Film: The “Real” Joe

April 25, 2014 • 1 Comment

Gary Hawkins had been well versed in the real and fictional worlds of Larry Brown long before his screen adaptation of Brown’s critically acclaimed novel Joe… premiered earlier this month. Yet, even a decade after


April 10, 2014 Bremer-desk-site

Sense of Place: Writers at Work

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Anyone  who spends hours at a time holed up inside his or her imagination knows that where we work can be vital to what we create. Our workspace anchors us to the real world and…


March 27, 2014 michael parker writing 2

Writing by Hand with Michael Parker

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Writing is a physical act. And for author Michael Parker, it is an act done by hand. Pen and paper.
Michael’s latest novel is All I Have in This World, which he wrote, of course,…


March 14, 2014 Zevin_author_web_HR (2)

How to Write #TwitterFiction

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Gabrielle Zevin  is one of the featured authors in the Twitter Fiction Festival, going on now through Sunday, March 16. Well, actually, Daniel Parish is a featured author. He’s fictional, but he’s featured. Parish is…


March 13, 2014 onthehouse

Writing Advice: On Brevity

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The Twitter Fiction Festival, which started yesterday and goes through March 16, includes Algonquin authors Bill Roorbach, Sara Farizan and Gabrielle Zevin. Each author is creating an original work of fiction, meted out in 140-character…


February 20, 2014 onthehouse

The Quotable Algonkian, Part I: Having Doubt, Having Faith

2 Comments February 20, 2014 • 2 Comments

Algonquin authors, a spectacularly talented lot, are also exceptionally generous with their hard-earned advice for writers. The Internet being the time-suck that it is, we gallantly got sucked in on your behalf, rounding up some…


February 6, 2014 onthehouse

Writing Advice from Author Drew Perry

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In Drew Perry’s new novel, Kids These Days…, an expectant father is paralyzed by the idea of taking responsibility for another human life when he can’t seem to manage his own. While Perry, the


January 23, 2014 SONY DSC

A Good Title Is Hard to Find

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Lest one think being a published author is all bubbles and brownies, consider all the work author Drew Perry  put into nailing down the perfect title for his just-published novel. Kids These Days takes…


January 8, 2014 onthehouse

Writing Advice from Robert Morgan

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What’s the best piece of writing advice you’ve gotten?
The novelist Alison Lurie said that when writing a novel I would have to find a “passive gear” and let my characters take over the story


December 4, 2013 louisandrufus.

Writing Advice from Louis Rubin

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It’s only fitting that one of our first “On the House” posts should feature the words of co-founder Louis Rubin, whom we lost recently but whose ethos we try hard to keep alive. Rubin’s astute…