Water For Wednesdays

News from the set!

What’s 42 years old, 8 feet 8 inches tall, weighs in at 9,000 pounds, and gets to touch Robert Pattinson?

Tai, the adorable Asian elephant, plays Rosie in the film. It’s quite a big job; after all, it is Water for ELEPHANTS. She hails from Have Trunk Will Travel Ranch, an elephant haven and educational center in Perris, CA. Tai has a 48 foot trailer on the set and gets plenty of exercise, rest, and snacks, as well as tons of love and attention from the cast and crew. To read more about Tai, check out WaterForElephantsFilm.com.

Lights, Camera…Trains!

It’s not so common to see passenger trains running on tracks anymore, so what about movies that feature working, vintage locomotives? That’s an awfully big prop. Enter Fillmore & Western Railway Co. This Southern California-based operation has provided the trains, trestles, bridges, and stations for over 300 film, television, and commercial productions. Now they’ve been enlisted by the Water For Elephants filmmakers for the Benzini Circus train! Read more in this LA Times article.

Filmore & Western's Benzini circus train!

Behind The Circus

On a Water For Elephants film blog, I found this Glossary of Circus Slang & Lingo. Familiarize yourself with hippodromes and Jake Legs and get into the circus spirit!


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