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We’re continuing our celebration of Joseph Skibell Week: Leave a comment on our Facebook page (or here on our blog if you’re not on Facebook) to enter to win copies of A CURABLE ROMANTIC and A BLESSING ON THE MOON. Both books are gorgeous specimens–phenomenal writing and beautiful jackets.


Today we feature an interview with Skibell in which he talks about his writing process, the inspiration behind his characters, and his fictitious navigation of a very non-fictional history.

ABOUT A CURABLE ROMANTIC: As far as romance goes, Dr. Jakob Sammelsohn is fairly incurable. Twice married, once divorced, once widowed—all by the tender age of twelve— he finally flees his small village and his pious, vengeful father. A lovelorn candide, young Dr. Sammelsohn wanders optimistically through history—pursued by the amorous ghost of his dead wife.


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September 8, 2010
10:41 am
Doni Molony says...

I submit. :::::madly waves hand in air:::::

September 9, 2010
2:43 am
Rory Ross-Muller says...

I AM an incurable romantic, I MUSt have the book! Thanx, Rory

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