Need More Durrow?

I’ve decided that I would like Heidi Durrow to be my best friend, please. She’s smart. She’s glamorous. And she wrote this novel, called The Girl Who Fell From The Sky, that’s pretty much shaking the book-world by the shoulders.

Here’s the deal with Durrow:

1.   She’s done a little bit of everything. In this interview, with Bookreporter, she talks about her days as a journalist and a lawyer and a greeting-card writer and an author…and a pro sports consultant. Love it.

2.   She’s NPR approved (and you know how I feel about NPR). In the car or on your computer or with that enormous boom box you have left over from ’89–Listen TONIGHT between 4 pm and 6 pm!

3.   She blogs. I know that doesn’t automatically make a person endearing (in my experience, it’s often the opposite), but she’s just the coolest. She writes about American Idol and the inspiration for her writing and important current events–check it out.

4.    She tours. Like a rock star. Catch up with her in two weeks at the Virginia Festival of the Book or find a reading near you! Along those same lines, you can buy The Girl Who Fell From The Sky on iTunes.

So if anybody wants to start a fan club with me, I’m having t-shirts made on Thursday.


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March 16, 2010
9:41 am
Lou says...

Just starting to read her book. Now that I know she’s NPR approved, I can read with confidence!!

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