Lucky 7: Ginseng, the Divine Root

“Who knew that this unassuming root had such a colorful history and promising future?”Library Journal

Tired of eating take-out and frozen meals?  Bite into this month’s selection of Lucky 7 e-books. (They might be a little too crunchy, so we suggest just reading them.) Today’s featured book, Ginseng, the Divine Root by David A. Taylor, traces the origins and culture of a plant that is on the rise but not fully understood.  Follow this journey through China, Europe, and the U.S. for only $1.99 through the end of September, a price that will be sure to make you hungry for more.

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The story behind ginseng is as remarkable as the root itself.  Prized for its legendary curative powers, ginseng launched the rise to power of China’s last great dynasty; inspired battles between France and England; and sparked a boom in Minnesota comparable to the California Gold Rush. It has made and broken the fortunes of many and has inspired a subculture in rural America unrivaled by any herb in the plant kingdom.

Today ginseng is at the very center of alternative medicine, believed to improve stamina, relieve stress, stimulate the immune system, enhance mental clarity, and restore well-being. It is now being studied by medical researchers for the treatment of cancer, diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease.

In Ginseng, the Divine Root, David Taylor tracks the path of this fascinating plant—from the forests east of the Mississippi to the bustling streets of Hong Kong and the remote corners of China. He becomes immersed in a world full of wheelers, dealers, diggers, and stealers, all with a common goal: to hunt down the elusive “Root of Life.” Weaving together his intriguing adventures with ginseng’s rich history, Taylor uncovers a story of international crime, ancient tradition, botany, herbal medicine, and the vagaries of human nature.

“It’s amazing how much folklore, history, and science Taylor has managed to pack into this fantastic book. Ginseng, the Divine Root is one of those rare works that remind us what an endlessly surprising place the world is by revealing the drama concentrated in the past and present of one plant.”Boston Globe

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