Lucky 7: Creatures of Habit

“Jill McCorkle’s barkingly funny short-story collection trots out a menagerie of tragic and absurd tales with tails.”Vanity Fair

Today’s Lucky 7 post is going to the dogs with Jill McCorkle’s animal-themed short story collection, Creatures of HabitFollow your instincts and “adopt” this book for only $1.99 through October 31st.  (Between this and Comet’s Tale, Algonquin might turn into a pet store before we know it!)

Don’t forget that each Lucky 7 e-book this month comes with a FREE preview of Jill McCorkle’s new novel, Life After Life.

You can buy Creatures of Habit as an e-book at AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLE, INDIEBOUND, KOBO, GOOGLE, APPLE, and POWELL’S.


McCorkle takes us back to her longtime fictional hometown, Fulton, North Carolina, to meet a broad range of characters that have much in common with the so-called lesser species. The voices with which McCorkle tells their stories crackle with wit, but also with a deeper-and more forgiving-wisdom than ever before.

“What makes Southern writers so good? McCorkle’s economically worded stories are arguably the equal of the best of Eudora Welty, Truman Capote, or Flannery O’Connor. These deceptively simple animal-titled tales resonate and entertain… It is hard to pick favorites from among these dozen all-too-human tales…”Library Journal

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