Lucky 7: Candyfreak

“Part memoir of childhood candy consumption, part paean to small candy makers.” – Chicago Sun-Times

Candy may be the one thing we never outgrow out of from childhood.  And we can help satisfy your sweet tooth and your book jones for just the cost of a candy bar with  Candyfreak by Steve Almond — one of our Lucky 7 e-books for just $1.99 each through September 30th. The aptly named Almond sets off on a quest to find a discontinued Kit Kat bar that he just can’t forget, and his search leads him across the country and through the peculiar business of candy.



Perhaps you remember the whipped splendor of the Choco-Lite, or the luscious Caravelle bar, or maybe the sublime and perfectly balanced Hershey’s Cookies ‘n Mint. The Marathon, an inimitable rope of caramel covered in chocolate. Oompahs. Bit-O-Choc. The Kit Kat Dark.

Steve Almond certainly does. In fact, he was so obsessed by the inexplicable disappearance of these bars—where’d they go?—that he embarked on a nationwide journey to uncover the truth about the candy business. There, he found an industry ruled by huge conglomerates, where the little guys, the last remaining link to the glorious boom years of the candy bar in America, struggle to survive.

Visiting the candy factories that produce the Twin Bing, the Idaho Spud, the Goo Goo Cluster, the Valomilk, and a dozen other quirky bars, Almond finds that the world of candy is no longer a sweet haven. Today’s precious few regional candy makers mount daily battles against corporate greed, paranoia, and that good old American compulsion: crushing the little guy.

Part candy porn, part candy polemic, part social history, part confession, Candyfreak explores the role candy plays in our lives as both source of pleasure and escape from pain. By turns ecstatic, comic, and bittersweet, Candyfreak is the story of how Steve Almond grew up on candy—and how, for better and worse, candy has grown up, too.


“Picture a magical, sugar-fueled road trip with Willy Wonka behind the wheel and David Sedaris riding shotgun, complete with chocolate-stained roadmaps and the colorful confetti of spent candy wrappers flying in your cocoa powder dust.” –

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September 17, 2012
11:43 am
Norma Wilson says...

Oh, no, it’s contagious. Hadn’t thought about Valomilk in years. But just seeing the name in your post made me see the wrapper, imagine the taste and texture, and now, darn it, I WANT one. You guys got a hidden stash somewhere?????

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