Lucky 7: Bloodsworth

“Bloodsworth, who became an advocate for abolishing the death penalty, deserves to be better known, and the battery of mistakes that led to his lethal jeopardy should disturb any fair-minded reader on either side of the capital punishment debate.” Publishers Weekly

It can be difficult to remember when DNA was still a new innovation and there wasn’t a CSI show for every city.  But Tim Junkin’s Bloodsworth tells the true tale of one man wagering his life on this revolutionary technology.  Kirk Bloodsworth’s true story is available for as $1.99 e-book through TODAY, November 30, as part of this month’s Lucky 7 promotion.

You can buy Bloodsworth at AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLE, KOBO, GOOGLE, APPLE, and POWELL’S.


Charged with the rape and murder of a nine-year-old girl in 1984, Kirk Bloodsworth was tried, convicted, and sentenced to die in Maryland’s gas chamber.

From the beginning, he proclaimed his innocence, but when he was granted a new trial because his prosecutors improperly withheld evidence, the second trial also resulted in conviction. Bloodsworth read every book on criminal law in the prison library and persuaded a new lawyer to petition for the then-innovative DNA testing.

After nine years in one of the harshest prisons in America, Bloodsworth was vindicated by DNA evidence. He was pardoned by the governor of Maryland and has gone on to become a tireless spokesman against capital punishment.



“This hard-hitting and moving examination of the first death row inmate whose conviction was overturned through the use of DNA evidence combines forensic science, knowledge of police procedure (and police malpractice), trial coverage, and chilling representations of prison.” – Booklist

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