Lucky 7: Armchair Travel

Armchair Travel

Spring is here, and there’s no better time to dream about escaping to far off destinations. Paris, Venice, Buenos Aires, Hawaii—the world is your oyster, and these seven armchair travel titles are ready to be cracked open and savored. From April 9 to April 22, you can purchase any of them for only $1.99. So pack your book bag, escape from the ordinary, and leap into Algonquin’s far-flung adventures.

Penelope Rowlands’s Paris Was Ours

David Sedaris, Diane Johnson, Judith Thurman, and Edmund White are but a few of the writers who expound upon the fateful allure of one of the world’s must seductive cities.





Maria Finn’s Hold Me Tight & Tango Me Home

A best bet for fans of Eat, Pray, Love.  From New York City to Argentina, Maria Finn discovers that you can dance away from a cheating heart and back to a life you have always imagined.





Marlena De Blasi’s A Thousand Days in Venice

When American chef and food writer Marlena de Blasi travels to Venice, the last thing that she ever imagined would be on the menu was love.  A delicious feast of food, travel, and romance.





Mary-Lou Weisman’s Traveling While Married

From honeymoon to Elderhostel, join Mary-Lou and her husband as they navigate the peaks and valleys of a lifetime of a travel a deux.





Isadora Tattlin’s Cuba Diaries

Tattlin’s engaging and enlightening story of living in Havana, candidly reveals the culture, history, politics, and everyday life of Castro’s Cuba.  A vivid and lively postcard of an enigmatic country.





Dana Sachs’s The House on Dream Street

A young American recounts her experience with discovering and falling hopelessly in love with a former enemy: Vietnam.  A moving tribute to the beauty, the culture, and, most of all, the Vietnamese that embraced her as one of their own.




Lucinda Fleeson’s Waking Up in Eden

Known as the “Extinction Capitol of the World,” Hawaii is losing native species at an alarming rate.  Journalist Fleeson dives deep into the region’s history and finds herself on a mission to protect an endangered paradise.





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April 9, 2012
10:33 am
rhonda says...

The House on Paris street sill full price on amazonn

April 10, 2012
11:40 am
Carolyn Moncel says...

Paris Was Ours by Penelope Rowlands is a wonderful read. I lived there for five years and visiting Paris on holiday and actually living there as an expat for a few years are a vastly different experiences. How one experiences this beautiful place full of contradictions greatly depends on one’s stage in life. This book of essays proves my point. Take the time to enjoy this wonderful book!

April 12, 2012
7:26 am
PJ says...

Paris Was Ours is full price on Amazon and Kobo and is not available at all on IBooks even though Apple is listed as a source. Is there really a sale on or not? None of the sites I shop has the 1.99 price.

April 16, 2012
11:12 am
Elaine says...

Just bought A Thousand Days in Venice on B& for $1.99. Also, Hold me Tight and Tango Me Home.

April 19, 2012
5:02 pm
Another Terrific Botanical Read for $1.99 » Cycads Australia – Logo Design says...

[…] The theme this month is travel, so until April 22 you can also load up on $1.99 books that will take you to Cuba, Venice, Paris, Argentina…. […]

April 19, 2012
5:45 pm
Another Terrific Botanical Read for $1.99 | says...

[…] theme this month is travel, so until April 22 you can also load up on $1.99 books that will take you to Cuba, Venice, Paris, Argentina…. The Best Garden SpotArticle source: […]

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