Lauren Grodstein & Stephen King; Algonquin Book Club Event, 3/3

Get ready for our next Algonquin Book Club event coming up on March 3 at 7:00 p.m. EST!  Tune into the live webcast to hear Stephen King in conversation with Lauren Grodstein, author of A Friend of the Family. While online, you’ll be able to chat with other book club participants and submit questions to be answered during the event.  Make sure you take a look at the Algonquin Book club website for an excerpt from A Friend of the Family, a reading group guide, and more.

We have 10 copies of A Friend of the Family up for grabs to those who want to participate in the live webcast. Just leave a comment here or on our Facebook page to enter. Good luck!

About A Friend of the Family:

A skilled internist with a thriving practice in suburban New Jersey, Pete Dizinoff has a devoted wife, an impressive house, and a son, Alec, on whom he’s pinned all his hopes. But Pete never counted on the wild card: Laura, his best friend’s daughter—ten years older than Alec, irresistibly beautiful, with a past so shocking that it’s never spoken of …

* A Washington Post Best Book of the Year selection
* A New York Times Editors’ Choice
* A Bookpage Best Fiction of the Year selection

“Such an incisive diagnosis of aspirational America that someone should hand out copies at Little League games and ballet recitals . . . Horrifyingly plausible and deeply poignant, A Friend of the Family will leave you shaken and chastened–and grateful for the warning.” –The Washington Post

“Stunning . . . An unqualified success . . . Grodstein’s sentences are finely made and precisely fitted to one another and her story . . . If there’s any justice in the world, A Friend of the Family will be her breakout book . . . She has written a novel that will leave her reader sitting up, sifting the evidence in the dead of night.” The Boston Globe

“Grodstein, with one previous novel to her credit, has succeeded in shattering the image of suburban happiness. Her perceptive portrayals demonstrate the thinness of the veneer that separates bliss from gloom . . . [The story] is told with great understanding and sensitivity, gripping readers so that they will find the book hard to put down.” –The Chicago Tribune

“Involving at every level: character, plot, language. One of the more complicated portraits of a father’s love for his son we’ve ever read.” —McSweeney’s

“A persuasive indictment of a certain kind of privileged narrow-mindedness . . . in the best tradition of parenting gone catastrophically awry.” O: The Oprah Magazine

“Grodstein’s harsh, honest prose makes this haunting tale worthwhile.” –People

“Beautifully captures the ever striving angst of parents who will take any step to ensure their children’s lives are easier or better.” –USA Today

“Grodstein’s superb storytelling entices us to keep plunging deeper despite dread of an ominous undertow.” –Providence Journal

33 Comments On This Post:

January 30, 2012
10:25 am
Tiana Trammell says...

I will be looking forward to the webcast & would love to win a copy.

January 30, 2012
10:26 am
Leah Rhyne says...

Ooh – sounds fun! I’m going to see Stephen King speak in Savannah in February – this would be a fun thing to read beforehand!! 🙂

January 30, 2012
10:27 am
Alena Murguia says...

Looks great. I’d love to read it.

January 30, 2012
10:35 am
Chris Cander says...

I can’t wait to read A Friend of the Family and am looking forward to the webcast!

January 30, 2012
10:45 am
Jessica says...

Okay, I’m officially intrigued. Sounds like a great book!

January 30, 2012
10:47 am
Kizzy says...

I would love a copy of this book!

January 30, 2012
11:13 am
Joyce says...

I’m always interested in stories of ‘aspirational America’. i’ll have to check out this novel. looking forward to hearing Stephen King interview her.

January 30, 2012
7:52 pm
Thien-Kim says...

I love chatting live with an author! It sounds like fun.

January 31, 2012
8:56 pm
Drew Beebe says...

As an author from New Jersey, this story intrigues me very much and I look forward to what seems to be a fascinating read. I only regret I haven’t come across this author and her work before!

February 1, 2012
11:28 am
amanda skelton says...

Would love to participate in this. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

February 6, 2012
10:09 pm
Susan says...

I would love to be included in the drawing. I plan on being at the webcast. Thanks for posting.

February 9, 2012
9:29 pm
Sandra says...

I look forward to reading about a parent struggles to balance his dreams with the competition of an all consuming love.
It will be a fascinating conversion between two authors. Please enter me in the drawing for A Friend of the Family.

February 16, 2012
5:42 pm
Molly says...

I’d love a chance to read this; please include me in the drawing!

February 17, 2012
1:38 am
Dr. Pamela Moorehead, Mxc. D says...

I am a fellow author who write non fiction. But love the work of fiction. Expecially Stephen King, he has been a favorite of mine for years. I will now take note author Lauren Groostein,I am looking forward to this occasion and opportunity

February 17, 2012
1:55 pm
Tina says...

I would love to read this book! Please enter me in the drawing. I am looking forward to this interview, I read and listen to everything Steven King is involved in. Thank you for this exciting experience! A Friend of The Family sounds like it will be a great story.

February 18, 2012
10:14 pm
Heidi says...

I’d love to be included in the drawing.

February 21, 2012
9:44 am
Ginny Underwood says...

Please include me in the drawing. I’m looking forward to the webcast!

February 24, 2012
11:44 pm
Jennifer Short says...

Hi, I can’t wait for this great experience to meet two authors! I’m looking forward to reading all her books and what a great opportunity! Please enter me in your drawing. Thank you!

February 25, 2012
3:14 pm
Karen says...

LOVE to win a copy of A Friend of the Family…can’t wait for the webcast also…very excited!

February 25, 2012
5:17 pm
Flloyd Kennedy says...

I’m looking forward to getting back to reading fiction after 6 years of researching and writing a doctoral thesis. Lauren’s novel is first on my list!

February 29, 2012
4:48 am
Michael Coty says...

I would enjoy a chance to be able to read a book by an author unknown to me. Her book looks interesting.Please enter me in the drawing.

February 29, 2012
8:44 am
Jack Lloyd Singer says...

Really Its a great opportunity for me to participate this live webcast. I’ve also heard much more about Lauren Grodstein. It would be my good luck to chat with her. I’m also interested to include in your drawing.

February 29, 2012
10:17 pm
Andrea Clark says...

Would love to win a copy of this fascinating new novel. Can’t wait for the Saturday night webcast with my favorite author Stephen King. I live following his author recommendations. He’s never steered me wrong.

March 1, 2012
3:51 pm
Christine Dinne says...

I can’t wait to hear She Stephen King in person. He is the best author of this time, and all time. Tabitha does a great job too. So raise a glass of iced tea (I don’t drink) to the couple who have set the world on it’s ear with so many great and wonderful books. I am almost through 11/22/63 it is so good. I have read it now for two evenings and this evening I should finish it. Then I have to find a copy of the Dome somehow it got beneath my radar. Also another copy of Stephen King’s how to do it book. Mine got lost in a flood doing hurricane Allen. I haven’t been this excited about a internet program in years. I will be there

March 2, 2012
10:09 am
Ariel says...

I’d love to read it too! Can’t wait for the webcast!!

March 3, 2012
9:01 am
Jen Hand says...

The book looks great! I hope I win one…

March 3, 2012
10:35 am
Linda White says...

Reading 11/22/63 now and am looking forward to the King interview. A Friend of the Family is my next read. Hope to win a copy. Enter me in the drawing, please.

March 3, 2012
10:42 am
Deetsy Armstrong says...

Interesting idea to do a book reading and talk as a webcast.

March 4, 2012
10:10 am
techeditor says...

I’m sure I would enjoy this book. I meant to join the Webcast, but I forget things like this on Saturday. The weekend is so short, and I have so much to do before going to work Monday through Friday. If I can still be entered in the drawing, that would be great.

March 5, 2012
8:39 am
Phoebe says...

Is there any way to watch/listen to this webcast? I missed it!!

    March 5, 2012
    10:25 am
    admin says...

    Hi Phoebe, The video will be on our site later this week, hopefully by Thursday!

March 5, 2012
9:43 am
Stephen King Speaks His Mind in Stratham « Mystickarma's Blog says...

[…] was in town for a talk at the Cooperative Middle School as part of a series organized by Algonquin Books where one author interviews another. King interviewed New Jersey author Lauren Grodstein about her […]

June 8, 2012
4:02 pm
Lise Funderburg says...

I’d love to see this. Will you be posting a link? Thanks.

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