Halloween cocktail, anyone?

With Halloween right around the corner, you’re most likely facing three crucial questions: Where am I going to go? What am I going to wear? And what am I going to drink?

Never afraid to be of service, the Algonquin Blog and Hemingway and Bailey’s Bartending Guide to Great American Writers are here to the rescue. Host a Literary Halloween Bash and invite friends to come dressed as their favorite writer or literary character. Our suggestion? Hunter S. Thompson—with his signature Greyhound cocktail in hand, of course. The necessary attire: khaki shorts, a Hawaiian shirt, fisherman’s hat, socks pulled up to your knees, and aviator sunglasses. (Some may note that Thompson was rarely seen without a cigarette,  but we’re loathe to encourage the habit.) Be sure to send us some photos!


Muhammed Ali once gave Thompson a health tip–eat a huge amount of grapefruit. Considering Thompson’s alcohol and drug intake, that hardly seems a drop in the bucket. Nonetheless he took the champ’s advice to heart; he just added liquor to the mix.

Make sure to use freshly squeezed grapefruit juice; Thompson always did. Indeed he rarely was without a minimum half-dozen grapefruits and his stainless-steel bowie knife.

2 oz. vodka

5 oz. fresh grapefruit juice

Pour vodka and grapefruit juice into a highball glass filled with ice cubes. Stir gently.

–Katie Ford, Assistant Marketing Manager

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