Giveaway Week Day 3: Is This Tomorrow

We’re in a generous mood this week on the Algonquin Blog with our Giveaway Week, which makes it the perfect time to share a new book from one of the most generous authors/people in the social media universe…

Is This Tomorrow

by Caroline Leavitt

Caroline always has an encouraging word, tweet, and blog post for her fellow authors.  Her genuine praise and enthusiastic support can’t help but make those of us in the Twitter-verse smile — and then run out to buy the books she’s praising.

And we think you’ll feel the same urge to purchase and praise once you get a taste of Caroline’s new novel, Is This Tomorrow. Her follow-up to the New York Times bestselling Pictures of You, Is This Tomorrow is a “rare and irresistible combination of tenderly crafted, richly layered, and utterly believable characters … and a crackling suspense story that just about explodes off the page,” according to Joyce Maynard.

It’s 1956, and Ava Lark and her son, Lewis, have rented a house in a Boston suburb that is less than welcoming to this divorced, Jewish working mom. There, Lewis finds he is only able to befriend the other fatherless kids on the block, Jimmy and Rose. But when Jimmy goes missing, neighborhood paranoia ramps to new heights, further ostracizing Ava and Lewis.

Lewis never recovers from the loss of his childhood friend. In his twenties, he is a failure in love, living without direction, estranged from his mother. When Jimmy’s disappearance is unexpectedly solved, however, Lewis, Rose, and Ava are thrown together once more to try to untangle the remaining pieces of the puzzle and reclaim something of what they have lost.

“I loved the way Leavitt’s Mad Men-like examination of shifting midcentury American values dovetails with her vivid tale of heartbreak and hope,” Wally Lamb said.

Is This Tomorrow is hitting bookshelves in the coming days, but this is your chance to win an early read and join the chorus of praise.

You can follow Caroline on her blog (awesome author Q&As!) and on Twitter and Facebook. Or take a look at her family photo on the What My Mother Gave Me tumblr. Check out her website, too.

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