Giveaway Wednesday: Guests on Earth

Smith_GuestsonEarth_3D_blogHappy Birthday to Zelda Fitzgerald! In honor of the birth of the first American flapper, we’re giving away an advance copy of one of the hot books of Fall 2013…

Guests on Earth

by Lee Smith

Evalina Toussaint, the orphaned child of an exotic dancer in New Orleans, is just thirteen when she is admitted to Highland and Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina. Evalina finds herself in the company of some notable fellow patients, including Zelda Fitzgerald, estranged wife of F. Scott, who takes the young piano prodigy under her wing.

Evalina becomes the accompanist for the musical programs at the hospital. This provides privileged insight into the events that transpire over the next twelve years, culminating in a tragic fire—its mystery unsolved to this day—that killed nine women in a locked ward, Zelda among them. At all costs, Evalina listens, observes, remembers—and tells us everything.

Guests on Earth is a mesmerizing novel about a time and a place where creativity and passion, theory and medicine, fact and fiction, are luminously intertwined by a writer at the height of her craft.

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13 Comments On This Post:

July 24, 2013
6:38 pm
JenniferD. says...

This book sounds fantastic! Thanks for the contest and a chance to win a copy.

July 24, 2013
6:57 pm
Ivy Pittman says...

Sounds like my kind of story!

July 24, 2013
7:02 pm
Cheryl June Peteherych says...

Looks like a great read. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Find me on Twitter @CriticalCheryl.

July 24, 2013
7:05 pm
LAURA Hansen says...

Love Lee Smith. I remember finding my first copy of Oral History at a used bookstore in Ohio and then diving into Black Mountain Breakdown and here we are so many wonderful Lee Smith stories later!

July 24, 2013
7:55 pm
Frank Bragg says...

Thank you for the chance to win.

July 24, 2013
8:10 pm
Erika Robuck says...

I’ve been so eager to read this novel!

July 24, 2013
8:40 pm
Alexis Rhone-Fancher says...

Thanks for the opportunity to win this novel. I have a copy of Zelda’s book, “Save Me The Waltz,” and have always loved her.

July 24, 2013
9:11 pm
Myra m says...

Oh, I have been waiting for this book! I am one of Lee Smith’s biggest fans!

July 24, 2013
9:21 pm
Laurel Ferejohn says...

Lee talked about this novel at a writing retreat in 2011, and I’ve been awaiting it ever since!

July 24, 2013
10:51 pm
Judith Bryant says...

As a native, I love when novels are set in NC, and Lee Smith is a wonderful story-teller.

July 24, 2013
11:57 pm
Anna Mills says...

If Lee Smith writes it, I will read it! I love her work, one of the best literary days of my life when I discovered her short story collection, or one of them to be exact.

July 25, 2013
12:19 pm
Jaime says...

OMG this novel sounds like just what I need right now! A dose of NC, Zelda, and Lee Smith, whom I adore. What more could I possibly want?? 🙂

July 25, 2013
12:43 pm
Karen Babb says...

I know people who collect pigs, frogs, horses. I collect books. Some have become my best friends. I will read this book, even if I don’t win, but winning would be nice!

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