Giveaway Tuesday: Survival Lessons

“There are no maps. There are no rules. Being human doesn’t come with a handbook.

It’s the human heart that leads us forward, the amazing capacity to love and remember.”


Survival Lessons

by Alice Hoffman

Share your stories of hope and healing, your own Survival Lesson, on the Survival LessonsFacebook page and Tumblr.

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October 1, 2013
7:29 pm
Susan C. says...

I am a 3x cancer survivor. I could write a book on it as well ~ almost!

October 1, 2013
9:49 pm
Kathy Miller says...

You know, I asked a friend that years after her daughter was killed in an accident, only to have my oldest son killed in an accident soon thereafter. You just do what you have to do. Thank God I have an amazing husband, two other wonderful children, and a loving family to help me get through the days.

October 2, 2013
9:03 am
Elizabeth V says...

I, too, am a story of survival, having lived through a car accident that caused a severe brain injury. I’m still living it and always will; I’m now handicapped in so many ways, most hidden.

As Kathy said and as I learned, you do what you have to do.

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