Giveaway Monday: All This Talk of Love

Christopher Castellani takes us to Italy once again, drawing on his own family’s experiences to create “a realistic and moving approach to family life… that rings incredibly true” in his new novel, according to  Win your copy of this Red Hot Book — for tomorrow’s publication day — in today’s Giveaway Monday…

All This Talk of Love

by Christopher Castellani

It’s been fifty years since Antonio Grasso married Maddalena and brought her to America. That was the last time she would ever see her parents, her sisters and brothers—everything she knew and loved in the village of Santa Cecilia, Italy.

She locked those memories away, as if Santa Cecilia stopped existing the very day she left. Now, with children and grandchildren of her own, a successful family-run restaurant, and enough daily drama at home, Maddalena sees no need to open the door to the past and let the emotional baggage and unmended rifts of another life spill out.

But Prima, Antonio and Maddalena’s American-born daughter, was raised on the lore of the Old Country. And as she sees her parents aging, she hatches the idea to take the entire family back to Italy—hoping to reunite Maddalena with her estranged sister and let her parents see their homeland one last time. It is an idea that threatens to tear the Grasso family apart, until fate deals them some unwelcome surprises, and their journey home becomes a necessary voyage.

Writing with warmth and grace, Chris Castellani delivers a seductive feast for readers. All This Talk of Love is an incandescent novel about sacrifice and hope, loss and love, myth and memory.

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February 4, 2013
7:58 pm
June Ulkoski says...

We are who we are because of our roots. Finding them can only enrich us.

March 31, 2013
2:25 am
Betsy Mosteller says...

I loved this trilogy, although All This Talk of Love could certainly syand alone. I’ll miss these characters the way I miss favorite relatives. Please write a little faster, Christopher.

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