Giveaway Day: Kids These Days

Perry_Kids_pbk_Jkt_rgb_web_HR“Sometimes when mommies and daddies love each other very much…”

Sometimes they make a baby. Sometimes they make a book.

Drew Perry started writing Kids These Days when he was first facing fatherhood. He has faced it and he loves it and he’s still a bit afraid of it: “It can, in ways, be The Best Thing That Ever Happened to You. But if you’re not afraid, I’d say, every day — if you’re not right on the edge of losing your way forever — then you’re doing it wrong. Or you’re not doing all of it.”

Kids These Days takes perfect aim at the two sides of impending fatherhood — abject terror and unconditional love. And it does it in a weird, beautiful, hilarious world.

Enter for a chance to win KIDS THESE DAYS

Please fill out this form for a chance to receive a copy of Kids These Days by Drew Perry. The winner's name will be chosen at random. You may enter only once before 5pm Eastern Wednesday, December 18, 2013. (Residents of the United States and Canada only, please.)

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