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Me, My Hair, And IHair matters. And these writers go to great lengths to help us understand why.

Surprising, insightful, frequently funny, and always forthright, the essays in Me, My Hair, and I are reflections and revelations about every aspect of women’s lives from family, race, religion, and motherhood to culture, health, politics, and sexuality.

They take place in African American kitchens, at Hindu Bengali weddings, and inside Hasidic Jewish homes. The conversation is intimate and global at once. Layered into these reminiscences are tributes to influences throughout history: Jackie Kennedy, Lena Horne, Farrah Fawcett, the Grateful Dead, and Botticelli’s Venus.

The long and the short of it is that our hair is our glory—and our nemesis, our history, our self-esteem, our joy, our mortality. Every woman knows that many things in life matter more than hair, but few bring as much pleasure as a really great hairdo.

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August 31, 2015
2:26 pm
Francie says...

This book looks wonderful; however, it’s especially significant to me and my family now as my sister is currently going through chemotherapy and adjusting to the loss of her beautiful hair. Thank you for offering this book as a giveaway.

September 2, 2015
7:19 am
Kyle Anne Uniss says...

As the mother of two daughters, this book can only help as we begin our navigation of the teen years and the hair obsession that is just beginning!

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