Booksellers Rock! Nicole Magistro, The Bookworm of Edwards

nicole with books 1Name: Nicole Magistro

Job title: Owner, book buyer

Bookstore: The Bookworm of Edwards

Brief Bio: After spending way too much money on an education to become a writer (Northwestern University), Nicole had to get a day job at The Bookworm to help pay the bills. Three years later, she went into more debt to buy the tiny bookstore where she worked near Vail, Colorado. Nine years later, she has more books and more employees than she ever dreamed of (plus a 30-seat cafe!), but she couldn’t think of anything more satisfying or demanding to do with her professional life. She lives with her husband Zach and two-and-a-half-year-old son Silas in Eagle, Colorado.

What books recently rocked my world: The Illusion of Separateness by Simon Van Booy. It opens with a Thich Nhat Hahn quote which I now think of daily: “We are here to awaken from the illusion of separateness.” If you liked History of Love or The Book Thief go get ye to the bookstore for this beautiful, engrossing, economical novel. It’s a 4-hour read — my favorite kind!

Best damn events we’ve hosted: Anything about meditation, gluten-free living or climbing Mt. Everest!

booksellers_rock_logo_small (3)Most entertaining authors we’ve hosted: Jonathan Evison, Mark Spragg, JR Moehringer, Philippa Gregory

Strangest question a customer has ever asked: “Do you sell books? Like, real books?”

Why our store kicks ass: Our staff is everything. Without these tribe of like-minded people working toward the same goal, we’d be nothing!

What makes our neighborhood and customers awesome: We operate in a snow-globe most of the time — it’s a hyper healthy, affluent, yet rural place. Some say you aren’t a local ’til you’ve lived here 10 years, but honestly, I feel like it’s a mindset. Year-round, resort-town living isn’t for everyone, but once you commit, you really can never leave!

Why I do what I do: I consider this time to be my “reading period.” You know, my journalism profs and the best writers I know say great authors have to be great readers. I love that my livelihood is intimately connected to the creative process, that I provide an outlet for people in my community who want something other than skiing in their life. Gratification happens daily.

If I weren’t selling books I’d be: an architect.

Books that changed my life: Little House on the Prairie, East of Eden, White Teeth, Crime and Punishment, The Book Thief









Top three authors, living or dead, I’d invite to my dinner party: Arundhati Roy, Salman Rushdie, M.F.K. Fisher. I like to talk to people who are so passionate and opinionated, who take action, get involved and don’t worry about what everyone else thinks. My husband and I are also big foodies, and he owns a French wine distribution company, so one of our fantasies has always been to meet up with M.F.K. Fisher at her home in Aix en Provence, but we’d love to have her for dinner at our house, too!






Top three songs on the soundtrack to my life: My sister was very helpful in reminding me of some of my earlier music phases! First, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper. This was our absolute favorite song to sing out loud in the backseat of our parents’ Oldsmobile as we bopped down the country roads of Ohio. We were two sisters having a great time! Next, would be “Closer to Fine” by the Indigo Girls. I probably listened to this song a million times between the ages of 18-24. Please do not ever YouTube this video! Over time, I also realized that Elton John would forever receive my personal lifetime achievement award, if I were asked to give one. How could I pick just one song? And now, honestly, I listen to a lot of Jack Johnson’s Curious George soundtrack, Johnny Clegg and world music that Silas likes to dance to. It’s pathetic, but I love it!

My last meal request: Escargot and White Burgundy


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March 13, 2014
5:44 pm
eric boss says...

Nicole is one of the smartest, most energetic and connected of all my booksellers (I’m a publisher’s rep). I see people all over the Rocky Mountian West and she is consistently among the most innovative, common-sense-marketing-oriented people I know. She routinely shares her ideas and experience with others and is a highly respected member of the Rocky Mountain Independent Booksellers Association community. I’m so very glad to see her recognized. Those of us who work with her have known all of this for a long time. Congratulations, Nicole!

March 13, 2014
7:11 pm
Eric Boss says...

Nicole is one of my favorite booksellers ( I’m a publisher’s rep for Penguin Random House). She’s smart, savvy, experienced and inventive. She has turned her store into a destination for people in the Vail valley, no small deal where distances between towns can be 40 miles. She’s also one of the nicest people I know. So…a business woman with a heart: how can it be any better? Congratulations, Nicole!

March 15, 2014
1:58 am
Linda Glover says...

Congratulations Nicole! You have created a wonderful store from what I read and hear! Maybe someday Bill and I will get to visit you! Love, Linda

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