Algonquin’s Costumed Canines!

Our parent company, Workman, does a fabulous 365 Puppies-A-Year Calendar (which features a photograph of an adorable puppy each day). How excited was I to flip to the month of October and discover 31 costumed dogs peering back at me? Because as any good pet-lover knows, Halloween is really just a great excuse to get your dog all dolled up!

If you’ve checked out our staff profiles, you’ve already gotten a sneak peek at the four-legged friends we share our office with. Here’s what our cute colleagues went as for the holiday…


Ana’s pug prances as a ballerina!


My little Rex emulates a bumble bee.


My Hailey is Queen of the Jungle (shh, she doesn’t know only boy lions have manes).


Algonquin doesn’t discriminate against cats. Katie’s pal, Lola, moonlights as a pumpkin.


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November 3, 2009
5:32 pm
Linda Adams says...

Okay, these were way too cute. Especially the one of Hailey. She reminds me of the mini-pin I grew up with, Bubbles.

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