A Few of our Favorite (Office) Things…

The offices of Algonquin are home to quite a few conversation pieces. Take, for instance, the creepy leprechaun doll that pops up in random places…like perched on your office window sill. Or the paper mache rooster of unknown origin. Yes, we like to keep our environment colorful; it — er — stimulates creativity. Yeah.

Come along with me for a little tour!

The leprechaun himself. Complete with adjustable belt and removable messenger bag. Note the dog damage on his left foot — it just lends to his creepiness!

Vinyl frogs. Tres chic.

Our Associate Publisher brought these cuties back from her trip to Peru.

Ahh. This Goodwill classic adorns Courtney’s office. Canvas print. Artist unknown.

I have no idea what this wicker swan is doing in our lobby. Or why he’s staring at me.

Here’s that rooster I was telling you about. She’s one hot commodity. Her sash reads: Miss Teen South Carolina.

A State Fair souvenir courtesy of the publicity team.

Signage in the editorial department hallway — this is an Algonquin original from when the company was run out of co-founder Louis Rubin’s home!

Awesome bathroom decor.

The editorial interns’ Wall of Fame.

Kathy’s jumbo office supplies. More hilarious in person. Especially when staff meetings are involved.

To my knowledge, no one at Algonquin has ever played Malarky. But if we ever get the urge, it’s available to us!

We work hard, and sometimes we just need a butt powder that keeps up with us.

Nope, not a bathroom. This is the entrance to our male Marketing Director’s office.


Michael and Ana’s display-worthy collections.

You know, sometimes we all need a little reminder of a job well done!


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November 12, 2009
11:21 am
Rob says...

That’s either a very large wicker swan, or a very small lobby…

November 12, 2009
11:24 am
E.F. Slattery says...

If I’m not mistaken, that’s the Creative Writing Chicken of Southern-writer lore, no?

July 12, 2010
1:26 am
Sean Kaur says...

our bathroom decors at home is mainly from ceramics and abaca fibers*:`

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