Lucky 7 e-books for August: Back To School

July 31, 2013 • 2 Comments Notebooks, papers, pens — oh my! No matter how long it has been since we were in school, come August, the back-to-the-books thoughts creep into our minds. But we have a bevvy of bold and…


July 24, 2013 Smith_GuestsonEarth_TNblog.jpg

Giveaway Wednesday: Guests on Earth

13 Comments July 24, 2013 • 13 Comments Happy Birthday to Zelda Fitzgerald! In honor of the birth of the first American flapper, we’re giving away an advance copy of one of the hot books of Fall 2013… Guests on Earth by Lee…


July 18, 2013 lemuria.jpg

The Lucky Tour: Lemuria Books

No Comments July 18, 2013 • No Comments We’re checking in again with intrepid former Algonquin intern David Bradley and his trusty sidekick, Lucky the Leprechaun, on their tour of (almost all) the coolest, hippest, greatest indie bookstores in the United States. Join…


July 15, 2013 bat-coloring-page-06.jpg

Name That Bat

12 Comments July 15, 2013 • 12 Comments It’s official: We’re going batty here at the Algonquin offices! We found our new bat friend perched on the exit sign around lunchtime today. Craig Popelars, Algonquin’s director of marketing, sales and animal containment, scooped…


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Giveaway Monday: Imperfect Harmony

4 Comments July 15, 2013 • 4 Comments Lift every book and sing! Here’s your chance to read, listen, sing, enjoy… Imperfect Harmony by Stacy Horn Parade magazine is singing the praises of Imperfect Harmony in its Parade Picks this week: “Stacy Horn,…


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Giveaway Monday: Young (Readers) at heart

1 Comment July 8, 2013 • 1 Comment Our dear, fabulous, wonderful new Algonquin Young Readers imprint takes over Giveaway Monday today, giving you a chance to win a signed copy of the big YA buzz book… If You Could Be Mine by…


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Lucky 7 e-books for July: Great Destinations

No Comments July 1, 2013 • No Comments This week is the unofficial start of the vacation season. Summer days are meant for exploring — whether through travel, reading, or both. And we’ve got the perfect collection of e-books for those of you…